Hey! I’m Unnati, and welcome to HappilyFoodish.

A digital marketer by profession and a foodie by passion, I’m the one you’ll find happily trying out new dishes at the restaurants or cooking in the kitchen. In my spare time, I am always looking out for new recipes to cook. I am self-taught (or you can say mom-taught) with no formal culinary training.


I started this blog to express my love for food and unleash my creative side. I generally don’t cook too much of fancy stuff with complicated ingredients. In this blog, I have posted easy and approachable recipes which are made by everyday ingredients.

Here, you will find dishes which are easy to replicate even if you are novice and just learning how to cook.

There is a wide range of recipes ranging from starters to desserts. Try out quick recipes if you are short of time. Choose your pick and try out new dishes.

Happy Cooking!